Cinta Costera III - Tramo Marino

El Chorrillo, Panama City

Project Location:
El Chorrillo, Panama City

Client / Main Contractor:
Constructora Norberto Odebrecht

Construction Period:
Piling work: September - July 2012

Scope of Works:

  • 186 piles with permanent casing  for a 2.7-km-long marine viaduct (depths between 13 m to 25 m (8 - 12 m cased), 1,830 mm diameter)
  • 7 piles with permanent casing for a pontoon (14.5 m average length, 1,200 mm diameter)
  • 3 piles with permanent casing  for a marine platform
    (22 m average length, 2,300 mm diameter)
  • All of the piles were built over a temporary rock fill