Metro Linea Uno

Panama City

Project Location:
Panama City

Panama Goverment

Main Contractor:
Consorcio Linea Uno (Odebrecht (Ingenieria y Construcción) and FCC Construcción)

Construction Period:
June 2011 -  February 2012

Scope of Works:
Diaphragm walls for 4 underground stations:

  • Diaphragm walls of 1 m thickness: 37,669 m2

Secant pile wall for the access to underground stations:

  • Secant pile wall Ø 1.20 m: 9,954 m
  • Secant pile wall Ø 1.37 m: 1,164 m
  • Construction of a circular ventilation and emergency shaft for the Metro Line 1
  • 42 piles with a pile diameter of 1,300 mm/1,180 mm (cased/uncased)
  • Pile depth: 37.20 m from the guide wall level